What Does Your Website Need?

iMac user with 1 hand on the mouse & the other on the keyboard with the letters WWW on screen

Why do you need a website when your business could have a perfectly good online presence through social media and app-only environments? Two things: one, your website still serves as a hub for all the information your consumers need to know about your brand, and two, websites with quality content get indexed by Google, helping your brand gain greater rates of exposure in search.

But getting results in your business isn’t just about having a website or good website design strategies. A website that users can’t find or navigate is as good as not having a website at all.

Your Website is a Powerful Tool

There are currently 966 million websites (and counting) in the world. Whether you operate a business site, or you’re a freelancer, you’ll feel the pressure for your brand to stand out online because that means more customers — better profits. Your online presence must be bold.

What do you need to stand out?

Your website not only has to be unique and creative. It can’t simply represent your brand. But it also has to sustain your user’s attention, and deliver on expectations. The design has to address ease of use and speed.

A slow website will not get adequate traffic and conversions because attention spans are getting shorter. According to a Microsoft study in 2015, people now have the attention span of eight seconds. Put that discovery in perspective, and consider that a goldfish has the attention span of nine seconds.

In addition to delivering on appeal and user experience, your website has to be discoverable. Whether it’s on Google, Bing, or Yahoo, the goal is to get on the first page of any search engine results page (SERP).

PRO TIP: Setting up your first blog can help you be more discoverable and increase your visibility. Also, follow some simple website design tips can go along way to help you become more engaging and finally, a solid PPC campaign can have an immediate impact on your overall visibility.

Engaging Your Market

With the right SEO techniques, your business will remain “visible” to search engines. How do you remain visible online? Search engines use search bots (which become increasingly smarter with the development of artificial intelligence), that crawl the web and index legitimate content. This means your website has to follow certain rules.

Among them are improving your linking structures, eliminating duplicate pages, identifying coding errors that block search engines from crawling, and others.

Your website can’t simply take up space. It has to perform to meet your business goals. So it needs optimization in terms of design and content.

Whether it’s website design or SEO, we can help your online presence. At COFORGE Marketing, we provide the same caliber of service to all clients, from well-known brands to startup companies. Give us a call and let our team turn your website into one powerful tool for your business today.