SEO & Web Design: A Perfect Match to Boost Marketing Efforts

Several website screens to represent a good balance between seo & web design as part of a healthy strategy

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has always been a foundational element in business content marketing strategies, but it is not the end all of the methods. Apart from making a web page feature prominently in search results, a website needs to be designed thoughtfully as well. A well-planned and attractive website would allow users to access the information they need easily, after all.

Staying on top of the latest algorithm changes can go a long way in helping businesses climb the search result ranks and maintain that position. A great SEO strategy, however, incorporates an impressive website layout into the mix to keep it search-engine ready.

Optimizing Images for Search Algorithms

Start with optimizing your images. The best way to go about this is to have good alt attributes that can strengthen your website and improve its accessibility. By optimizing alt and title tags, you can provide search engines with additional information to search your website for text. Apart from improving alt tags, scale down images on your website whenever necessary. Large image sizes will affect loading speeds and slow down the browsing experience for mobile viewers.

Update Pages with Fresh Information on a Regular Basis

Pages with up-to-date information are indexed more than others that have been stagnant for over a year. Google’s goal is, after all, to suggest the most relevant and up-to-date web pages. Add a blog to your site and update it consistently. This will provide an opportunity to engage with customers and incorporate keywords that will rank on search algorithms.

Keep Your Website Mobile-Friendly

Know that a majority of customers turn to their mobile devices for online browsing. Also, know that Google has set out to penalize websites that aren’t mobile-friendly. Responsive web design is, therefore, a necessity when creating your website. This is also good SEO & web design practice to use on every website you design. In addition, make sure you set up site addresses and FAQ sections properly for a more seamless browsing experience that will lead to more conversions.

At COFORGE Marketing, we believe that having the right web design services could make a huge difference in terms of ranking high on search algorithms. We aim to strike a balance between great SEO and web design to help companies cut through the noise and beat competitors out for customer attention.

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