It’s not all about my sales numbers…or is it?

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In the world of sales, numbers and volume have always made me mad. What do you think when a sales manager says “it’s all about the numbers?” I think barf-o-rama!  The sad truth is that it really is all about the sales numbers, which gets me to thinking that sales managers need to frame it differently to us salespeople to be more successful. Instead of calling it “numbers”– why not just think of it as “sales potential”?

Volume of leads vs Referrals

The volume of leads and referrals make sense, but to me, it screams used car salesman trying to make a (barf-o-rama word alert!) quota.  It’s a necessary evil to win over the marketplace, and understand the landscape of business. Then realize that you just need to branch out and physically find those that will listen. See, reframing at its best. Just having numbers and volumes is just that… and it’s dumb. Anyone can collect business cards! However, when you start to see the actual value of why you’re obtaining business cards, better yet – the right cards – then the sales process takes hold.

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Is it a Sales Pipeline?

Barf-o-rama word alert number two: PIPELINE. That word might garner a smack upside the head before I barf.  Frame it differently, like: organization of collected cards, vetting of collected contacts, is there a jackpot at the end of this rainbow?? Then we’re talking a language I can understand.  Sales managers can prove their worth when they start to talk about how to actually organize the who and why. Then and only then put them into some semblance of order and meaning. Sales managers and sales professionals need a sales vernacular education and what they’d find is that there is no one word for what salespeople do.  Nor is there one process that works on every prospect. However, as a matter of practicality, you can certainly increase your throughput by simply incorporating sales automation into your process and follow these 7 little steps so you can reap the rewards from your pipeline…if you still need to call it that.

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The vernacular for sales numbers

I suppose the sales world needs proper vernacular to find the need to use one word to describe what it is we do…but to me, keeping it simple like that kinda harshes the reality of knowing…knowing that we need to meet a person…realize they are worth meeting…vet them as a possibility of either doing work for or doing work WITH…then explore how each one of us gets paid, supports our family and makes money…Then I suppose it is about the numbers and having it all be compiled to make some form of sense so that we can make money, pay the bill and live our lives for the next generation.

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