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We’re your guide to helping you drive more leads and conversions with Digital Marketing.

Having a website alone is not enough to dominate today’s highly competitive environment. You need maximum online visibility and presence. That’s why we’re here. Coforge Marketing is a digital marketing agency in New York built from the ground up to deliver innovative digital marketing solutions for businesses of any size from any industry.

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Customized Online Marketing Solutions for Your Brand

Every campaign starts with a goal in mind. Do you want to drive organic traffic, improve your website, or increase sales? Together, we’ll create a strategy based on your needs, your brand, audience, and budget.

Our talented team of professionals is committed to delivering the most innovative campaigns and nothing less than outstanding results. If you need just SEO, PPC, web design, or the whole nine yards, there’s nothing our digital marketing agency in NYC can’t do.

Search Engine Optimization
We focus on on-page and off-page optimization to ensure high rankings for organic and local searches. Beyond an SEO strategy, we have the team to set up, manage, and track your campaign.

Website Design
We create dynamic, responsive websites that look and feel equally great on both desktop and mobile.

PPC Management
We can set up a new PPC campaign or work on your existing campaign. Enjoy the best position for your sponsored links and dominate the results page, and get engaging ad content to boost your potential for conversion.

Social Media Marketing
We deliver well-defined strategies, excellent creatives, and high-quality social media profile management.

Why Choose Coforge? Our team is made up of strategists, programmers, designers, content marketers, and optimizers working to achieve the same goal: your success.

We take the time to get to know your brand and your products and services. We understand your measurement of success and the best way to get you there.

Whatever your objective, our services work toward a singular goal of connecting you to the right audience.

More than increased brand exposure, we want you to have an overall excellent online presence. With your brand now easier to find, you’ll also be giving customers the best user experience.

Discover how we can grow your business. Get in touch with our experts today.

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15 Year History
15 Year History
95% Client Retention
95% Client Retention
Award Winning
Award Winning

Core Leadership Teams

Our amazing teams are comprised of super talented professionals eager to deliver only the best projects. We feel that our energetic group is defined by our diversity, creativity, big idea thinking and laser focus.

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