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It’s Time to Think About a New Kind of SEO

It’s your problem as an entrepreneur if your website generates poor traffic. In some cases, you’re attracting the wrong users and/or having little or no conversions. Let’s face it, we can’t all be SEO experts. However, if we can show you just a few SEO tactics, it could help make a positive impact on your website.

You exert every effort to make your SEO strategies work, but then some of the practices you apply hold no value today. If you are in a loop of inadequate digital marketing, you need to re-think current strategies.

When it comes to mastering SEO in New York, one mantra remains: change happens. The best practices evolve over time as Google continuously updates algorithms and ranking methods. It’s a practice that never stays constant.

But what should you reconsider?

Mobile Experience

Mobile devices contribute to 60% of searches on Google. The search engine giant’s commitment to mobile-first index also means that ignoring mobile should never be an option. To succeed online, your website must be optimized and responsive across a variety of platforms—and that includes gadgets and mobile devices.

If you haven’t put your users first by reaching them where they are, you’ll miss out on numerous opportunities online.

Nonsensical Press Releases

Once upon a time, SEO practitioners thought press releases would improve their current strategies. To get an exact match for their anchor text link, they would create numerous and pointless press releases.

Eventually, Google caught onto them.

A press release is still helpful, but you need to re-evaluate its purpose for your business. It’s not simply just a way to get links; press releases should be newsworthy and optimized for your target audience. It should not read like an advertisement. It should instead showcase your business’s ability to come up with quality, readable PRs, helping to position you as an expert on certain subjects.

Keyword Stuffing

If you still think keyword stuffing is the key to successful content marketing, think again.

The practice is no longer relevant; it worked well during Google’s phase of using strings of meta data to rank. Today, technology changed Google’s perception. The introduction of artificial intelligence in the form of Rank Brain helps the platform better understand the context of the page.

Keyword stuffing makes your content look spammy, which could get your website penalties.

Search engine optimization changes—consistently. It pays to rethink your strategies and see if current practices still work; otherwise, you might miss out on opportunities.

Coforge ensures your efforts are up-to-date. Get in touch with us today and see how we can transform your current strategies.

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Eric is a Senior Brand Strategist and internet marketing expert as well as a lover of family, friends and life. Eric enjoys good health, Tae Kwon-Do and discovering the hottest marketing trends. He lives in the North East where he helps clients from all around the world grow their brands through cutting edge Digital Marketing diversities in SEO, PPC, Sales Automation, Conversion Analytics and “Big Picture” Marketing Strategy.

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