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The Google Low Quality Score: What’s It About?

SEO professionals often prioritize three things: quality content, quality website, and the best value. While these are important elements to consider, you should not overlook the importance of knowing the negative signs Google scans.

Since March 2017’s Fred Event, one of the most pressing issues revealed was website quality.

Google’s Search Quality Guidelines advise rating teams on the right way to identify low-quality pages on the Internet. The seventh section also reinforces the primary goal of websites: to be helpful and not become a nuisance to users.

What are the characteristics of a low-quality website?

Excessive Monetizing of Content

For Google, a webpage is deceptive if it tricks both the search engine and its user. In such instances, the search engine qualifies these websites as low quality.

The Fred update emphasized the negative impact of over-monetizing content on a web page’s search performance. Google is no stranger to such websites, which fuelled the search engine’s intention of taking greater steps against excessive monetizing ads and affiliate links.

Unnatural Internal Structural Links

Since 2012, Google has been adding to its list of low-quality criteria. It began when the company filed a patent, which directly targeted websites that repeat internal links cross footers and sidebars. It used to be quality SEO technique, but the strategy resulted in an unnatural form of manipulation.

For SEOs in Connecticut, such tactics are nothing new. Compared to more obvious signs that reveal a website is not to be trusted (e.g. spam pages or content), these are less obvious factors to track.

Financial Information Pages

Websites that provide advice or guidance for financial matters (and also provide products and services) should offer the highest quality of content. It’s no longer about stuffing your content with keywords. Individual pages shouldn’t just rank for individual keywords; otherwise, Google will consider it a low-quality page.

Perfecting the art of SEO is a challenge but still doable. A big part requires ensuring all linking structures and pages cater to users—not just for monetary gain.

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