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This 2018, everyone’s stepping up their game — digital marketing agencies in New York, as well as the competition. The question is: will you be stepping up yours?

Local, global, and mobile search engine page ranks change according to the numerous different factors of Google’s machine learning algorithms. Accurately tracking them, however, is impossible without search engine results page (SERP) trackers. If you want a complete picture of your current SEO strategy or lack thereof, it’s vital that you have a tool to that can provide not only real-time tracking but in-depth analysis as well.

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Displaying an email from the Ultimate 12 Step Guide to Email Marketing on a tablet in landscape mode

When it comes to engaging audiences and nurturing leads, email marketing remains a powerful marketing tool. Email use continues to grow, with Gmail alone hosting more than a billion users. By 2020, that number will grow to 3 billion, according to a report by The Radicati Group.

If you’re struggling with your email marketing, know that you’re not alone and it’s absolutely possible to get your campaign back on the right track. Keep reading to find out how your brand can find success in 2018.

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Marketing team having a strategy meeting to layout their content marketing plan

With the invention of the internet, content can live on forever. This allows marketers to offer multiple pieces of quality content on their sites for potential customers to peruse at any time. In addition, marketers have multiple analytics tools at their disposal, allowing them to see what content works – and what doesn’t.

Of course, the abundance of marketing tools available often means that your competition is taking the same actions. This makes it essential to develop a content marketing plan that helps your brand stand out from the rest. With these seven content marketing tips, you’ll learn how to reach your audience and get the results you want.

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Digital expert holding a mobile phone & demonstrating the importance of mobile seo tactics

It’s your problem as an entrepreneur if your website generates poor traffic. In some cases, you’re attracting the wrong users and/or having little or no conversions. Let’s face it, we can’t all be SEO experts. However, if we can show you just a few SEO tactics, it could help make a positive impact on your website.

You exert every effort to make your SEO strategies work, but then some of the practices you apply hold no value today. If you are in a loop of inadequate digital marketing, you need to re-think current strategies.

When it comes to mastering SEO in New York, one mantra remains: change happens. The best practices evolve over time as Google continuously updates algorithms and ranking methods. It’s a practice that never stays constant.

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Graphic designer displaying an e-commerce ad on her laptop & tablet that reads Online Shopping

It’s common for online merchants to think that listing all their products on their e-commerce website is enough to drive site traffic. Unfortunately, that is far from reality. In fact, optimizing online shops for SEO purposes is more challenging than it is for a magazine site or a simple five-page company website. After all, with lots of product pages containing mostly images, e-commerce websites often find it hard to tell search engines what their site is all about.

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SEO competitor concept image of two professional boxers boxing on black studio background

We need to know what our allies are up to, but the real priority is keeping an eye on those we are battling against. While our SEO competitors aren’t exactly the “enemy,” we are still fighting them for rankings. If we want to beat them in the competitive world of search results, we need an intelligent competitive research strategy. Here are a few tips to follow as you build your own tactics.

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Crowded street of people on their way to work

A successful SEO strategy improves organic traffic to generate more sales. When creating websites, marketers often focus on increasing backlinks instead of analyzing technical areas of the site, including its crawlability. Website crawlability increases inbound traffic, making it an essential component of your website’s structure. Here’s how you can check crawlability and make sure your website is optimized for success.

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Digital expert on his laptop working to improve his client's Google Low Quality Score

SEO professionals often prioritize three things: quality content, quality website, and the best value. While these are important elements to consider, you should not overlook the importance of knowing the negative signs Google scans.

Since March 2017’s Fred Event, one of the most pressing issues revealed was website quality.

Google’s Search Quality Guidelines advise rating teams on the right way to identify low-quality pages on the Internet. The seventh section also reinforces the primary goal of websites: to be helpful and not become a nuisance to users.

What are the characteristics of a low-quality website?

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Business development professional working on a laptop & monitoring the lead scoring activity in the CRM

When you think about the typical marketing funnel, what do you envision? Most marketers think of several leads at the top of the funnel, which they steadily remove until only customers remain in the narrower part. However, successful businesses tend to have funnels with wider middles and bottoms. These efficient funnels will attract and close customers quickly, reducing customer acquisition cost. Building an efficient funnel can also help you focus only on leads who will likely make a purchase.

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