Woman at desk working with a laptop, trying to increase her blog's visibility

Online visibility means a lot to a business. Your customers will be able to find your products when your company has good online exposure. If your clients can’t find your business online, they won’t be able to buy your products and, instead, look elsewhere to satisfy their needs.

Thus, it’s vital to boost your visibility so that your products are more accessible to your consumers. If you already have a business website, one of the things you can do to take your increase your web presence is to set up a blog.

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Neuro Design concept image to represent a new design philosophy

Neuro Design: The Visual Facet of SEO

Neuro Design is a relatively new term in marketing, graphic design, and, of course, web design. Its applications, however, have been around longer than many people realize. In fact, our CT web design team here at COFORGE Marketing has been practicing neuro design even before the term started to gain popularity.

If this is the first time you’ve encountered the term, here is a closer look at what it means.

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iMac displaying a well designed homepage which embodies a great user experience

Great graphics are essential for your website to draw in prospective consumers. It shows that you made an effort to make the site appear ideal for your customers. While beautiful graphics are outstanding, they are not the only factor for an excellent website. A very good website should have readable text, harmonious color combinations, and easy navigation. The combination of these items together makes for a great user experience. Remember – the tiniest details in design matter

Let’s take a closer look at these web design factors that can help you improve the user experience.

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Open laptop sitting on an office desk with the words Video Marketing across the screen

The consumption of mobile videos by digital media audiences has spiked in recent years. A more accurate description of the trend, however, is that mobile video is quickly consuming digital media.

Recent mobile video data trends

  1. Facebook revealed that 75% of the video views on its platform take place on mobile devices.
  2. Cisco shows that video will account for three-quarters of all mobile traffic in 2020.

Companies seeking to gain favor on the digital platform, therefore, should innovate their brand to appeal to the mobile video viewers of tomorrow.

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iMac with an with a website onscreen that says WEB DESIGN

It’s clear that web design strategies change all the time. You can say that it moves forward. The evidence lies in the appearance of websites when the Internet was still starting, compared to present sites. Websites used to be a mere series of bland white pages with row upon row of black text. Now, sites incorporate almost all the art and technological goodies on offer – high-resolution images, videos, and bright color combinations.

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Web designer's computer viewing the back end code of a website

In 2009, Doug Bowman, who was then Google’s top designer, wrote in his blog, “I’ve grown tired of debating such minuscule design decisions.” He was referring to Google’s practice of using A/B testing to determine which design choices would generate great web design results or responses from audiences. Google applied this testing strategy to even the smallest details, such as border width and text colors.

It’s remarkable how Google goes to such lengths to determine if a 1-pixel change in frame size makes a difference. It may seem inconsequential, but Google thinks otherwise. If anything, their experience with design tells us how important it is to think about the details.

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Browser window showing the Google Search Page

SEO may sound like a random clump of letters, but it’s one of the leading digital marketing strategies of our time. Many companies are trying to capitalize on this, including a lot of so-called “experts.” When talking about SEO vs traditional advertising you have to consider all that these channel strategies encompass. This is because SEO has become an umbrella of tactics rather than a singular method. With such a valuable strategy, it’s easy to lose sight of other marketing options.

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Digital marketing manager review a report on existing seo mistakes & notating corrective measures

Search engine optimization or SEO is more than about building backlinks to your website. As a matter of fact, off-page and on-site SEO efforts go hand in hand. But unfortunately, many business or site owners tend to focus too much on their off-page strategies – to the extent that they neglect many technical SEO aspects on their sites. These SEO mistakes can lead to unfavorable results, defeating the purpose of running an SEO campaign, in the first place.

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Concept image of a man using website app on a large LCD screen

Website app for success

Many of us don’t really notice website applications unless we use them. But, without these, several aspects of life would be way more difficult and far less convenient. Comparing flights and accommodations, creating surveys and today’s Cloud-based software all run on a web app, for instance; so, imagine if you had to rely on manual work to do any of these tasks. Considering that the world has now taken on a “digital-first” quality, these apps are perhaps more important than ever before.

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Male designer with his laptop open working on his freelance website hosted on WPEngine

Freelancing is fast becoming a good alternative to a conventional 9 to 5 job. But, before you can make a real living out of it, that your services will need to be found by his or her target market. So, to be online or more precisely on social media would be essential. Let’s face it, it’s where people search, and if a freelancer isn’t digital, there’s little chance that a client can find them. Beyond social media, it would also an excellent move to create a stunning website to showcase your talent and skills.

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