Pay Per Click (PPC) Management Services

Drive Leads and Conversions with PPC

The competition for search visibility is fiercer than ever. If you haven’t taken a spot on the results page, you’re letting competitors get ahead and reach your customers.

If you want greater visibility and plan to make the most of every cent of your marketing dollar, our PPC services in CT are a good place to start. It’s a fast and cost-effective way to get noticed, taking only a fraction of the cost of TV and radio ad placements. And we’ll prove this by creating high-converting ads directed to your target audience. We’ll work to ensure your campaigns are executed at a cost that maximizes your ROI and is most profitable to you.

How Does It Work?

We research and develop a list of keywords that match your products and services, and create ads targeted to these keywords. Then, we upload the ads and bid prices to Google. When someone does a Google search using these keywords, your ads appear in the “Sponsored Ads” sections on the results page. The searcher clicks on the ad and is directed to your landing page — your website’s most relevant page — and you have a potential customer.

Why Coforge Marketing?

Google AdWords, the most popular PPC advertising system today, can drive highly targeted traffic to your business and turn it into leads and sales. But PPC success doesn’t happen overnight. An effective campaign involves ongoing keyword management, cost-per-click (CPC) bid management, ad placement and scheduling, and more.

At Coforge Marketing, we deliver refined PPC strategies that can maximize your revenue opportunities. Targeting traffic and keyword selection, and capturing key demographics, both locally and nationally, is what we’re good at.

Whether you’re a national chain or a local retailer, we have the tools to create and manage an effective PPC campaign for your website. You’ll see amazing results before long.

So, leave your AdWords management to us. Start driving leads and contact our team today.