10 Tips for Building Your Social Media Brand

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The role of social media in brand building has skyrocketed in popularity as an inexpensive marketing tool. With so many accounts competing for attention, how do you build an effective social media brand? Here are a few social media branding examples and quick tips to help you rise above the noise.

1) Stay True to Yourself

The most popular social media accounts give their followers a glimpse into what everyday life is like. Sharing a few personal pictures and details makes

your reader feel connected to you and keeps them invested in what you have to say. Find a good balance between personal and professional posts, and you’ll quickly grow brand loyalty.

2) Be Likable

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While it’s helpful to be present on as many social channels as possible, picking a core few to master is also a great strategy.

Don’t be afraid to let your personality show through in your posts. It’s no fun to read the same, monotonous content that could have been written by a robot. Be personable. Be quirky. Keep your readers entertained and aware that an actual human being is on the other end of the keyboard and genuinely wants to connect with them.

3) Share the Accolades

Instead of posting about a recent business success, spin it into a success that your customer had as a result of something you offered them. Make it all about their win and celebrate their success. Not only will you earn some extra goodwill with your customer, but you’ll reap some extra attention to your social media brand in the process.

4) Stay Balanced

While we’ve already talked about sharing a few personal details, it’s very important to remain neutral on controversial topics. Your business account isn’t where you should comment on the current political climate, or how you feel about the latest scandal. You can avoid controversy and remain true to your beliefs. There’s no quicker way to lose half of your audience than posting a fiery political rant on your social media brand page.

5) Pick a Platform

You don’t have to be the best at every social media platform. Do a little research to find the one that works best for your brand and followers, and then become an expert on that platform. After you’ve mastered it, add another one and promote it on your other platforms. Incremental success, based on a solid strategy will create long-term followers and traction for your brand.

6) Consistency is Key

Once you’ve found a few niche platforms, make sure your messaging is consistent across all of them. You should feel like the same brand no matter where your reader finds you.

7) Offer Something

Find out where you’re already being discussed on social media and add something to the conversation. If you stumble across a complaint, offer a discount or refund. Repost compliments about your brand, along with a glowing “thank you.” Offer free content or information if you find someone in need of help. Be an open, authentic listener and helper on social media and your tribe will reward you for it.

8) Easy on the Sales Pitches

Social media is a great place to let your followers know about discounts and offers but be careful not to turn your posts into pitches. Offer enough information that your reader wants to learn more, but don’t force it. Stay humble and keep the focus on the problems you can solve for your audience—not how wonderful you are.

9) Be in the Right Places

Woman blogging on relevant business articles from a laptop
Make your online voice as human as possible. Audiences can tell when posts are stiff, robotic, and lifeless.

Do some research to find out where your clients are and which platforms they like best. Focus your efforts on those venues. You can have the best content on the internet, but if your target audience doesn’t see it, it’s wasted.

10) Offer an Inside Look

By using digital tools like live videos and photo albums, you can offer your readers a sneak peek into the heart of your business. Showcase your employees and their hard work. Give them a tour of your offices. It’s another great way to keep your readers connected to your brand.

As with any marketing strategy, take time periodically to evaluate how your social media branding strategy is performing, and make adjustments as needed. It’s part art and part science, but with the right approach, you’ll boost your social media brand and gain an audience of loyal followers.

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